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Fun with nettle

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Today I harvested nettle for the first time. And made nettle pesto with it. And documented the whole thing with my camera. With no CF card. So all those pictures? They didn’t happen. (Too bad, there were some good ones.) But my adventure with nettle did, so I’ll write about it. First of all, there… Read more »

DIY Cornmeal!

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This is the result of my planting the Tibetan milling corn seeds I got at the March Against Monsanto / Organic rally. I added the “/ Organic,” because the rally I attended was in Connecticut and I missed the march part. The planners of the rally were trying to make it be more than a… Read more »

Plants that plant themselves

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So, when you are gardening, you can pull up a lettuce – or you can pull leaves off of the lettuce. Same for kale and swiss chard. When you just pull off the leaves, the plant keeps on growing. It’s kind-of a miracle, really. For store bought lettuce, the whole lettuce plant gets yanked up…. Read more »

Taking the garden to the next level…

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A subtitle of this post could be, “my husband is the best.” I did tell him that in person, and also said it must be challenging being married to me. Projects. I’ve got them. This is one I would never have been able to do on my own. I marveled watching skills I don’t have…. Read more »

Harvesting corn

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  They said it was Tibetan milling corn. Non-GMO. I got it at The March Against Monsanto rally I attended earlier this year. I decided to try it. At least to preserve more seed for the future. Along the way, I thought I’d taste it and see if it was good for eating the corn-on-the-cob… Read more »

Harvesting kale

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I wrote about harvesting my carrots in the last post. As a matter-of-fact, that’s the carrot bed with the carrot top mulch next to the kale bed. If I thought that was a time-consuming endeavor to harvest carrots, that was nothing compared to harvesting my kale. I picked most of the kale clean, only leaving… Read more »

Harvesting carrots

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This weekend I harvested the remaining crop of carrots. (Actually, I harvested more than that, but this post is going to focus on the carrots. Because, really, each thing I harvested was a project in its own right.) I wanted to get the carrots out of the ground, because I had noticed that some of… Read more »

The same, but different too

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I started my permaculture course this past week and found myself immersed in a group of people with a lot in common. People who feel like we stick out like sore thumbs in our own world, viewed as crazy or extreme because we think there is something wrong with the way the current world is,… Read more »

Lessons from my garden

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Do a little bit each day Realize that it won’t ever all be perfect It’s a journey, not a destination There is always something new to learn Stop and look at what’s going on around you Work within the rhythms of nature Plan, then go with the flow Try new things Move things around Accept… Read more »