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Let’s all do this together!

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  I listened to a Hay House Summit talk today about health and food. The speaker had cancer. She went the conventional route and the cancer only got more aggressive. Then she went to Mexico to do Gerson therapy (what I would pick). She spoke of drastically changing her diet, of being religious about eating… Read more »

A Tale of Two Labels

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When it comes to reading labels when buying packaged food, the only one that matters is the ingredients label (and yes, the nutrition label is good as well). Bottom line, read the back of the package. (Caveat, the word “natural” means nothing now if you read it anywhere in the package. Lots of time “natural… Read more »

Fruited Oatmeal

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I’m not sure where I got this recipe – so I apologize in advance for the plagiarism- but I wanted to share it because regular oatmeal is so blah for me, now. This is my favorite cold-weather breakfast! And it makes enough for at least 3 breakfasts (3-4 cups). FRUITED OATMEAL 1 3/4 cup water… Read more »

How, now, shall we eat?

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There are a lot of studies on food out there. And they contradict each other. It’s enough to drive a person mad! As I looked into all of the recommended “diets” a few years back, I had to take a step back and ponder everything I’d read. And this is what I believe we should… Read more »

Cool Water

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Before I start talking about water, does anybody besides me remember this song? I’m not even sure how I know it, but as I sat down to write this post the song popped into my head and I googled “Cool Clear Water” and found this video. It’s a long-ago song about a desert mirage. Water… Read more »

Real Food Shopping

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Lots of time when I walk into the grocery store I look around at all the boxes on the shelves and say to myself….”this isn’t real food!” But you can find real food at the grocery store, and as I was checking out today it struck me that there was a bunch of nourishing food… Read more »

God’s garden

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“If you have a healthy, vigorous plant, insects are not a problem. As plants became weaker because of chemical fertilizers, insects began to be very overpowering and would take out huge amounts of plants. And so, they stepped up to the plate and created insecticides. What they didn’t take into account was that the creator… Read more »

The real taste of food

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This past weekend, when I was in NYC, I ate at an organic restaurant that had scrumptious food. First off, I ordered water with a splash of cranberry juice at the bar. It wasn’t a bright red like it usually is. It was reddish brown. Cranberry juice doesn’t usually list a food coloring in it’s… Read more »

Granola. No, Meusli. No, Granola!

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I’ve been a muesli fan until recently, really, because granola is usually too sugary for me.  But at the same time, muesli could use a good toasting. Enter homemade granola, where you can control the ingredients! I had a granola recipe from a friend. It had lots of ingredients that I didn’t have on hand…. Read more »

Presto, it’s pesto!

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Tonight I made pesto for the first time in a couple of years. Not sure why I waited so long. Pesto is delish! The recipe I used is from The Moosewood Cookbook. Here’s my copy of that cookbook. Can you tell it’s well-used? Here is the recipe, it says it makes enough for six servings,… Read more »