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This is my mother-in-law, Pinky. She’s a wonderful lady and very beautiful and she agreed to pose for me the other day. I wound up liking the black and white version of her portrait better. There’s just something about black and white pictures. Sometimes color can be distracting and can actually leave you seeing less… Read more »


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Yesterday I shot my final photography assignment for my studio lighting class. We had to create images using non-standard lighting. I tried using candles, shooting through a sheer fabric, and shooting with a light in back of my model. The resulting backlit shot is above. And if you have read other blog posts of mine,… Read more »

Sparkly Tracey

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You know when you meet a person that sparkles. They just light up your day. Somehow, other things become less important. You’d rather just spend some time with them and absorb the good feelings they emanate. That’s my daughter Tracey. She is a light in this sometimes dark world. Her positive attitude, her caring and… Read more »


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I was taking pictures at Christmas this year, and Kelly’s hair fell on top of Carlene’s head so that their hair merged together. Many people might think that wrecks the picture. To me, it made the picture and this is why. Kelly and Carlene are cousins. And whenever they are together they are joined together…. Read more »


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I am taking a studio lighting course to better learn how to use my new studio lights! This week, we learned about hard lighting, and boy does it look beautiful! This kind of lighting was used to light movies stars in the 40s. I am looking forward to playing more with this style of lighting…. Read more »

My inspiration

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Well, it’s been a year, and I haven’t done much with this site. I really spent most of last year just “being” with my friend Deb, who was battling cancer. She lost that battle in October, but at one point she told me that if she got better she wanted to be a photographer. We… Read more »

My flash photography class

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Waaaaaaay back in September, I took a flash photography class given by Neil van Niekierk.  It exceeded my expectations. It’s taken me until now, however, to process and post some pictures from that day.  I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my photography lately. The two models are Ashley and Priya.  Very… Read more »


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I haven’t posted in awhile and I’ve got a few photos accumulated.  These photos are from a senior photo session with Erika, who is the daughter of a dear friend of mine.  Their family is very creative and this photo session was a fun “what shall we do next” kind of time.  I also took… Read more »

Billy and Chris’ Wedding

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I shot my first official wedding this weekend. Chris is a friend from work who asked me to do this for her small, intimate wedding – actually, her word to describe her wedding was “organic.” Everything from the official to the musicians to the person who made the wedding cake were all people she knew…. Read more »

Model Mayhem

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I’m part of a local photography group.  One of the events was to go and shoot models at a local park.  Model Mayhem is actually the name of a website where you can find models.  I learned a lot at this event and it was fun to shoot the models, most of whom had done… Read more »