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Snopes and Jesus

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I got an email and saw the same posted on Facebook in the last few days – words purported to be spoken as commentary on TV. Funny thing, though, they included words about forwarding the email. Um…suspicious. These days when I get these kind of emails, I go to or to see what… Read more »

My walking buddy

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Everyone should have a walking buddy. I do. And it’s not either of my dogs, although they walk with us, too. It’s my friend Dot. We’ve walked together for a long time. At least ever since Koda was a puppy, and Koda is 6 now. But earlier than that we used to exercise together, either… Read more »

A Halloween Trick

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Through the tree, a full moon. Gnarled dark witchy fingers Reaching to grab it in their clutches While wispy clouds race across the sky And the moon plays hide and seek. A perfect Halloween picture, that full moon through that tree. Only you are going to have to imagine it, because by the time I… Read more »

My Dancing Shoes

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These are my dancing shoes. And they have a story to tell. And after you read it you may wonder how all these stories happen to me. I often (like every day) wonder that myself. Maybe it’s to give me material for my blog. Who knows? So, as you can see, these aren’t real practical… Read more »

God the Artist

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The other day, as I was in the baseball field, running the dogs…the day Columbus escaped, I took this picture with my iPhone. Forgot about it in the hullabaloo of Columbus’ escapade. Isn’t God THE BEST artist?

What is family, really?

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There is mom, dad, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, grandparents, grandchildren. There is the human family, the family of God, Modern Family (sorry, about that last one, I couldn’t help myself.) This topic of family seems to be hitting me from all sides lately. First off, my dad fell and needed… Read more »

Thou shalt not steal

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See this big mug sitting on top of all these little ones? That is one of 4 dozen mugs we got for the cabins so our guests could have a nice big mug of coffee (or tea). Vivian, who runs the place, thinks of these kinds of niceties. That cup is also one of 5… Read more »

Fall Bounty

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My garden still loves me And I love it. Fall bounty… Beets Carrots Cucumbers Tomatoes Peppers Scallions And there is more. Something every day. I am blessed with real food. Thank you, God, for making such perfect food for us. I will spend the rest of my life trying to get the world to realize… Read more »

I don’t want to hear it

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Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy; do you want junk like that in your belly? – Proverbs 26:22 I ran into some gossip the other day. You know, it can be a fine line crossing from conversation and concern into gossip. That’s the milder form of gossip. When I encountered it I responded,… Read more »