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My dad

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  Each labored breath means he is still here with us. Each gaze makes me wonder what he thinks. Each beeping machine reminds us he is vital. Each passing moment, Each glimpse, Each gesture, Held tightly in my heart. _____________________ My dad is fighting for his life after a bad fall. And the rest of… Read more »


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This morning, after walking on my treadmill, there was a break in the rain. I stepped outside, barefoot, and stood looking into my woods. Just breathing. Connected to the earth and sky. Being thankful. Taking in the autumn beauty. At peace. As I looked up to the top of the tree in front of me,… Read more »

A visit from my granddad

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Last night I dreamt of my grandfather. He was a gardener, he knew plants in the woods. He walked for pleasure. All these things that I am, too. The dream is fuzzy, but this is how I think it went… I took his head in my hands and said, “I hardly knew you,” and behind… Read more »

Humans don’t have to win

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There’s a nest of hornets under my deck. They come back every year. This year, they nested right near the water spigot that I use to water my back gardens. I’ve been gingerly turning on the water, moving slowly so as not to alarm, as they go in and out of the lattice work that… Read more »

No news is good news

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Last night my parents stayed over on the way to their summer cabin. Immediately, my dad settled into a chair and turned on the TV. To cable news. Ugh. There’s bad stuff going on in Iran. More of man’s inhumanity to man. And we get involved because…? Something about oil. Well, if we’d invest in… Read more »

A perfect evening

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My yard is full of violets. Really. See? And I happen to know Andy is going to mow the lawn soon. And that violets are edible. How could I let all these lovely flowers go to waste? I couldn’t. So I decided to pick a bunch. To dry for later. And use in maybe a… Read more »

The Journey

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This. Book.   I chose it out of many at the book table. Books on all sorts of gardening subjects. Little did I know that this book was not just a book about plants. It is a book about life. And I realize, now, that it chose me. And the final chapter describes my journey…. Read more »

Wolf Spirit

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Someone posted a link on Facebook to paintings that were so realistic they looked like photographs. They reminded me of this artist we met when we were in Arizona. She does detailed pencil art of the West. I was initially drawn in by an unbelievable portrait of an old, Native American man, in profile. Wisdom… Read more »

Happy Earth Day

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 Anima Mundi. It’s a phrase I just learned within the last couple of weeks and it has possessed me. World Soul. I can’t even fathom the depth of these two words. I think they are beyond explaining. They just are. May all of our souls resonate together. One with each other. One with the world…. Read more »

You’re never too old for magic

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This post is dedicated to my friends Jen and Lexi, for bringing me to Disney World for the first time. I also want to start off with an apology to my kids for never taking them there. I didn’t know…. Okay, so here I am, 53, and I’d never been to Disney World. I’d been… Read more »