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A Ferrari Weekend

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I really never realized JUST how big a deal cars are to guys until this weekend, when my husband got to drive a Ferrari. It’s just for the weekend. But man, what attention that car gets. I never even knew what a Ferrari looked like. It just looks like a nice red sports car. But… Read more »

He’s all grown up

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Shhhhh. First off, don’t tell him I posted this picture. He’ll probably never pose for me again if he finds out. But he looks so grown up and I just couldn’t help myself. My one and only son. Graduated from college. I’m very proud of him. Now, does anybody know of any available finance jobs?

Once I step outside my door

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This is what happens every time I step outside my door. The ball gets dropped at my feet. Then she backs off and lays down and waits….. Sometimes she has to wait forever because I’m not in the mood. But most of the time she gets at least one toss out of me because I… Read more »