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The Birthday Gift

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My 60th birthday is in June. My husband surprised me at Christmas with a trip to Ireland and Scotland. That won’t be happening now. I was also going to do a mother/daughter getaway with my youngest, who is turning 30 this year. Our birthdays are 4 days apart by calendar, 30 days apart by years…. Read more »

Living from my heart

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Taking a permaculture class in the fall of 2013 was the beginning of a profound change in me. I *thought* I was going there to learn techniques for growing food. Hahahahahahaha. I mean, there was that, and there was designing your garden spaces – technically I have my Permaculture Design Certificate. But even trying to… Read more »

Bergamot Honey

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What is this, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Okay, never mind then. Just kidding, just kidding…. So, this is chopped up Bergamot flowers and leaves added to raw honey. Say what? Bergamot. As in, Bee Balm. Such a great flower. Had another wild crafting class today and Emily told us about this. Bee balm,… Read more »

The Great Poison Ivy Experiment

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So, most of you reading this post know that it’s my dream to become a…..well, it’s hard to put into words, but I think Andy came up with one the other day. An Herbaculturist. That’s a combination of permaculturist and herbalist. Basically, I want to grow my own food and medicine. And teach others to… Read more »