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Our home

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I watched a documentary called Home tonight.  Gosh, I got kind-of depressed and almost stopped it but at the end it mentioned positive things. Thank goodness! There was good information in the tough parts, however….Our population is exploding and we are depleting our resources. It would well serve us to learn the lessons from Easter Island…. Read more »

Let’s all do this together!

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  I listened to a Hay House Summit talk today about health and food. The speaker had cancer. She went the conventional route and the cancer only got more aggressive. Then she went to Mexico to do Gerson therapy (what I would pick). She spoke of drastically changing her diet, of being religious about eating… Read more »

Living from my heart

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Taking a permaculture class in the fall of 2013 was the beginning of a profound change in me. I *thought* I was going there to learn techniques for growing food. Hahahahahahaha. I mean, there was that, and there was designing your garden spaces – technically I have my Permaculture Design Certificate. But even trying to… Read more »

Fun with nettle

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Today I harvested nettle for the first time. And made nettle pesto with it. And documented the whole thing with my camera. With no CF card. So all those pictures? They didn’t happen. (Too bad, there were some good ones.) But my adventure with nettle did, so I’ll write about it. First of all, there… Read more »

How, now, shall we eat?

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There are a lot of studies on food out there. And they contradict each other. It’s enough to drive a person mad! As I looked into all of the recommended “diets” a few years back, I had to take a step back and ponder everything I’d read. And this is what I believe we should… Read more »

Discovering acupuncture

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A funny thing happened to me on the journey to diagnose and fix my own health problems. Acupuncture. Willing to try everything to get myself back into the game without taking conventional medicine, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I never really expected it to work. Color me skeptical. I went two times before… Read more »

I’m in hate

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I’m in hate with the health care system right now. As a matter of fact, they should not get to use the word “care.” Because, to use that word, you should care. Don’tcha think? This is the third time in my life I have run into a system that treats the symptoms instead of finding… Read more »

Healing juice

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See this juice? It has a secret ingredient. Can you guess what it is? First I’ll tell you what it isn’t. It isn’t blueberries. They are in there, but they aren’t the secret ingredient. Nor are peaches and coconut milk, which are also in there. The secret ingredient is aloe vera gel. From a big… Read more »

Something new

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I signed up for Groupon quite awhile ago, but the frequency of the emails was too much for me. Instead of unsubscribing, which I do for a lot of email lists I wind up on, I created a rule in my mailbox to put them in their own special folder – so I wouldn't miss… Read more »


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You know what? I'm finding myself really bothered right now. I didn't think I was under stress. At least not mental stress. I was eating well, I thought. I know I wasn't getting enough sleep, but, heck, there are a whole lot of people walking around…. Lacking sleep, Under stress, Sitting on the couch, And… Read more »