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Manifesting porcupines

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A bit of hiking diary excitement. A couple of days ago – I’ve been meaning to write this before now – I looked at the map to see what trails I still need to hike this fall. There was that little bit of Jack Frost trail we didn’t get to, and since I hit the… Read more »

West Side Story

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Another episode of the hiking diaries… Today I returned to the trails. I avoid Wachusett on the weekends, especially the leaf peeping season. SO crowded. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember that today was Columbus day. This is what I saw when I reached the top: That doesn’t look like a lot of people, but that’s only the… Read more »

A new twist on a familiar trail

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Episode 4 of The Hiking Diaries. The plan was to hike to the top of the mountain starting on an old familiar trail – Echo Lake, to High Meadow, to Jack Frost and beyond. I went with my friend Dot, again. And the dogs, of course. Things didn’t go as planned. We were afraid we… Read more »

The “Windmill” Trail

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Episode 3 of The Hiking Diaries. Today I hiked Harrington Trail. It is another trail that goes all the way to the top of Mount Wachusett. Another characteristic of this trail is that you can branch off to see the windmills, and you can also see them from a vista along the way. And lastly, it is… Read more »

Bolton to the top

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Episode 2 of The Hiking Diaries Today was a do-over of my first attempt to hike Bolton Pond Trail. But, because I took a vacation this week, I had more time and decided to go to the top. Took me about 2 1/2 hours round trip, with lots of stops to take pictures and untwist… Read more »

An Idiot’s Guide to Bolton Pond Trail

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Episode 1 of The Hiking Diaries I begin my hiking diaries series with a trail I’ve never hiked before. And it tripped me up. Hence the name of this post. It’ll all become clear as I go along. And I can’t even officially mark off this trail, because I only hiked a portion of it…. Read more »

The Hiking Diaries

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I’ve hiked most of the trails on Mount Wachusett during all my years hiking it. But some of them not very often, while others I could hike in my mind, I hike them so regularly. As I was wondering if I’d hiked them all, I thought, “wouldn’t it be a fun fall activity to hike… Read more »

A rainbow of belief

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How can a person go from one set of beliefs to another? I feel like I’m a case study for why we need to understand that a person’s set of beliefs does not define them. Have I gone from an intelligent person to a dumb one? Or the other way around? Was I okay when I… Read more »

A tale of two truths

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I speak my truth. You speak yours louder. There is no room for my truth alongside yours. You live your life assured, convincted, hardened, shut down to any new ideas. They don’t matter. Until, one day, you discover your truth is a lie. Adrift, confused, humbled, you finally open your heart. And we walk side… Read more »

Our home

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I watched a documentary called Home tonight.  Gosh, I got kind-of depressed and almost stopped it but at the end it mentioned positive things. Thank goodness! There was good information in the tough parts, however….Our population is exploding and we are depleting our resources. It would well serve us to learn the lessons from Easter Island…. Read more »