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Do Over

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Do over. Starting now. No more carrying other people’s pain. No more carrying their mistakes either. We are each carrying enough of our own. Time to drop those, too, into the past where they belong. Unencumbered, let us move forward With a heart full of love, A mind full of peace, And lips full of… Read more »

A place of grace

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Let me live from a place of grace, where my light shines bright and judgement melts like dripping wax until, in the end, nothing remains but a burning light over the remains of what once was. photo credit: Alexander Babl Melted Candle via photopin (license)

The Story of Me

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As I looked into the mirror tonight and saw my wrinkles I wondered, when do I have enough wrinkles that I cross the line into elderly? Then I realized that there is no line to cross but that I am walking the line – a linear journey from birth to death and that the wrinkles… Read more »

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

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Well, hey everybody. It’s been a whirlwind year! I hope yours was ultimately full of love and life and goodness. There have been some difficult things on a global level, but the longer I live the more I realize I need to take my eyes off of the world stage (besides doing my civic duty)… Read more »

Princeton to Barre

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On Monday, Annie and I walked one of the sections of the Midstate Trail I had not done yet. We started at Wachusett Meadows in Princeton (the panorama, above) and walked to Barre Falls Dam. See the road in the right-hand side of the above photo? We were parked beyond the barn and headed further… Read more »

The end! (For one of us)

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Let me just start off by saying I didn’t do blogging about this section of the midstate trail justice. Because I didn’t remember to write it up until now. But I will try to remember some of it! First off, Annie’s daughter Cece came with us. Isn’t she cute? Heck, aren’t they both cute? Whenever a… Read more »

Hiking the streets of Sutton

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We are almost to the end of the Midstate Trail! Although we would have liked to finish up today, we did 13 miles and that was enough for this 56-year old who is quite stiff this evening. (Time to do more yoga. I’m not sure why I don’t do more yoga. You can always talk me… Read more »

Friday on the Midstate Trail

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In order to keep on keeping on with our Midstate Trail hiking, we decided to fit in a Friday afternoon hike, after Annie got out of work. Since we were starting off of route 20, Annie was already at least halfway there. We met at the ending point, then drove back to our route 20… Read more »

Post-election thoughts

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We, in the United States, have just come out of a historic election. It is an election that put many people between a rock and a hard place. There was so much hate on each side for the candidates we were given. Many people voted on policy, even though they couldn’t stand behind either of… Read more »

Hiking and History

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Today Annie and I hiked through Spencer and Charlton. At one point, we entered a historic district of Charlton. That was pretty cool. I think this hike had us on the most roads of any of our hikes so far, but they were mostly rural – except for crossing over the Mass Pike (bridge) and under… Read more »