A shared life

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A plant’s breath gives life to us.

Our breath gives life to them.

We take in them as we breathe.

They take in us as they breathe.

Fully interconnected in a beautiful 

dance of life.

Fruit of their womb.

For us.

Scent of their perfume, 

for us.

Beauty of their adornment.

For us.

Seeds for the hope of tomorrow.

For us.

Even the sacrifice of themselves as nourishment.

For us.

These are living, giving, beings.

For us to recognize their gifts

is perhaps the greatest gift we can give them in return.

Thank you for your medicine.

Thank you for your food.

Thank you for your beauty.

Thank you for sharing this space.

With us. 

photo credit: jaci XIII Mrs. Violeta via photopin (license)

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