I want to go out happy

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I’ve mentioned before that Gracie was a calico, and quirky, and feisty, too.

But she mellowed a bit in her old age. Still always knew her mind, but was more social, more loving, especially to “strangers.”

There was even one year when my cookie swap wound up really small – two years ago – because many people either couldn’t come or got sick the last minute. Maybe it was that smaller crowd. But, whatever it was, Gracie decided to join us. When someone got up to get something, she jumped up and settled into their seat. Instead of shooing her off – she really had a look like she owned the seat at this point – they moved to another spot in the room. And Gracie became part of the girls.

The closeup of her cracks me up because it shows how perfectly she owned that seat, paws curled underneath her. She wasn’t just sitting there, she had settled in.

The pulled back picture cracks me up because look at the little cat sitting there among all the big people. One of us.

She was so fun.

I like that she got kinder as she got older. I’ve been ruminating upon death a lot over these past few days. It seems the other way around with many of the humans I know. We get set in our ways. More impatient with the little things we used to put up with. Discouraged with the world (raises hand). Instead of that, I think Gracie got a perspective that the little things didn’t matter. I want to be like Gracie in that respect.

I want to leave this life more happy than I’ve ever been.

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