The Wrong Side of a Gun

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Have you ever been on the wrong side of a gun?
The end that screams death as metal hurls faster
than any force man could exert on his own
and rips apart flesh like it wasn’t even there?
Have you ever heard the screams or loosed them yourself
as the wrong side of the gun pointed its ugly finger?
Have you ever been just going about your day
when your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
was on the wrong side of a gun
and was splashed with blood that stains the ground and your brain
to change you forever?
Have you?
I haven’t.
But I will listen to to the cries of those who have,
both living and dead.
Because they have a wisdom born from that
that speaks louder than anyone else.

photo credit: CaliPicture via photopin (license)

A note from me:

This poem was inspired by the kids from Parkland, FL who are speaking out against gun violence, saying #NeverAgain. And now there are “grownups” speaking out against them and putting them down. Isn’t that easy to do if you’ve never been through a massacre? And, so, as I was thinking on that, this poem began writing itself in my head. And this scary picture showed up when I searched for a picture of a gun. I decided to use it because I hope it will be a wake-up jolt for us all. We need to listen to the voices of those who have been there.

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