The end! (For one of us)

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Let me just start off by saying I didn’t do blogging about this section of the midstate trail justice. Because I didn’t remember to write it up until now. But I will try to remember some of it!

First off, Annie’s daughter Cece came with us. Isn’t she cute? Heck, aren’t they both cute?


Whenever a member of the younger generation is among us, I give them the honor of doing the selfie.


If you noticed, we are all in bright clothing. That’s because hunting season had begun. Our last leg was through Douglas State Forest. There were a lot – A LOT – of pickup trucks along the side of the road as we found our drop-off spot for the car. I’m not a fan of being in the woods when hunters are, but Annie is even less of a fan.

We saw a couple of them in the woods. And we did a lot of singing. Annie and Cece had never heard “The other day I met a bear,” which is a song I learned in girl scouts, for the couple of years I was a girl scout. So I led them in that song. I forgot the last verse until after the hike, however.

Here’s the song, if you are interested. And I didn’t realize that “the end the end, the end the end, etc.” lyrics were actually part of the song until I listened to this! I thought we had just added that as kids.

A couple more pictures from along the way….

the-end-3 the-end-1

And here we are at the southern trail marker! I think Annie is the one that saw it and gasped. Thank goodness we didn’t miss it!


It looks very much like the start marker! I put the picture of both of us with it at the top of this post. We were very happy.

And Annie was ESPECIALLY happy. She has finished the trail! I still have a couple of sections to go, nearer home. When we complete those, we are going out to a celebratory dinner with our hubbies.

Meanwhile, here’s Annie at our celebratory lunch, post hike. Congratulations, Annie!


PS Douglas State Forest is beautiful. Really, the whole trail hike is beautiful. You should do it.

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