Friday on the Midstate Trail

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In order to keep on keeping on with our Midstate Trail hiking, we decided to fit in a Friday afternoon hike, after Annie got out of work. Since we were starting off of route 20, Annie was already at least halfway there. We met at the ending point, then drove back to our route 20 starting point and set off on yet another beautiful autumn day.

It was a shorter walk, but it was really pretty!

And since I am writing this a couple of weeks later, I’m going to mostly just post pictures. What I do remember about the hike is walking in a really beautiful spot that also was next to a VERY noisy gravel pit.

We also walked some power lines and gas lines. (Not a huge fan of either, just get me into the woods!)

We did have some roads but, as usual, they were pretty country roads. And plenty of woods and water, too!

Okay, now for the pictures:

charlton-round2-1 charlton-round2-2 charlton-round2-3 charlton-round2-4 charlton-round2-5 charlton-round2-6 charlton-round2-7 charlton-round2-8 charlton-round2-9 charlton-round2

Only two more legs left to reach the southern MA / RI border!

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