Zigging and Zagging through Spencer

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browning pond

Because of weather and life events, it’s been a few weeks since Annie and I have hiked the Midstate Trail. Today we got back to it, picking up the trail at a spot Annie hasn’t hiked yet, beginning at Browning Pond (in the photo, above) and ending at Sibley Memorial Stone.

It was a beautiful hike through woods, fields, and across a reservoir dam. We also walked on the edge of private property, getting slightly lost in people’s back yards. Signage is less than optimal in some places. We had to backtrack. At one point, on the far side of the dam crossing, we missed a sign and so hiked off-trail for a bit until we picked it back up. Both of us were tired enough that we didn’t need to be purists and go back to find the trail sign that we missed.

We did remark that it felt like we were zigzagging a lot.

“Weren’t we just walking in the opposite direction a minute ago?”

There are a lot of signs telling people to stay on the trail and no trespassing. In some places, the trail feels less than friendly. And Annie, at one point, reading the “stay on the trail” sign exclaimed “we’re trying to!”

There was one really cool shot of a stone structure in the middle of a field with the moon low and faint in the sky behind it. It would have been a beautiful picture, only someone had put a Trump/Pence sign in front of the stones. Ruined what I considered THE shot of the day.

Here are some shots we did take, however.

Camp Marshall. This looked like an awesome camp. Annie’s significant other attended this camp when he was younger….

spencer-1 spencer-2

There were a couple of shelters on this stretch of the trail.

spencer-3 spencer-4

This was the view from the top of Moose Hill.


And here we are walking over Moose Hill Dam (the reservoir you can see from the top of Moose Hill). I thought this was one of the prettiest spots of the hike. I’ve never walked across a dam before.


These next two are looking back in the direction from which we came.

spencer-11 spencer-7

Just an interesting shot along the way. An old well pump over an old tub.


Some cows, and a calf lying down. I needed to tell you that or you’d never know. They are too far away in this shot.


This is where we crossed route 9. Busy crossing. Right along the Spencer/Leicester line.


And now we enter Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary. It was very pretty in here.


And here we are at the end of our hike!


And a look back to where we’d just come from.


We both found the 11-ish miles we hiked very tiring today. Maybe it was all the leaves underfoot. (I fell down at one point because of them.) Maybe it was the 3-week break in between. Not sure.

But there is nothing – NOTHING – like hiking in the woods to make you feel alive, happy, and at peace with the world!

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