Hiking the midstate trail through Ashburnham

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Today was the second leg of the Midstate Trail. We started at the parking lot of Mt. Watatic and ended where it crosses route 12 in Ashburnham.

We (Annie and I) walked mostly through forest, on cushy pine needles in some places (a welcome respite for tired feet), up a couple of mountains / hills (great interval training), through someone’s field, and along the edge of a couple of roads before heading back into the woods again. It was an overcast day, which was lovely hiking weather. At one point we were in a pine forest with a bunch of rocks and it was wet and cool. That happened on a hillier part of the hike so it was quite welcome.

I was going to map my hike (via the app) but it wasn’t cooperating. So I’m not going to publish a map. But I will post some pictures! Here you go. No selfies, so I could actually post pictures of us this time.

There were lots of stone walls along the way. And pine-needled paths. Oh, and I bought myself some hiking pants!

lots of stone walls

This was our view of the day, a lookout spot on Mount Hunger. We are looking North, towards New Hampshire. The mountain you see is Mount Watatic, which we hiked on the first leg. The water is Stodge Meadow Pond. The lady in blue is Annie! She’s a great hiking partner.

View from Mt. Hunger

There were lots of ferns. This spot had so many of them on both sides of them in their fall colors that I felt like taking a panorama. That’s the trail alongside the stone wall.

lots of ferns

We basically were walking through a field of ferns. Awesomeness.


At one point, we walked through someone’s field. Hey, is that a bonfire waiting to happen?

the field

In any case, at this point we are done with all the elevated hiking. Onward to the car!


I didn’t get a picture of the Christian camp we passed, but that was kind of cool. Can’t remember the name of it! There was a wooden cross and logs arranged as pews in a pine forest.

It appears the last leg of our hike went through a land trust. We stopped and read the sign. My big question was, what if you already were carrying firearms (one of the rules)? Would you have to turn back? Luckily, we weren’t violating any of the rules! The second sign was on the other end of the land trust and where our hike ended (besides the short walk back to the car).

land trust midstate-trail-leg2-10

These are just iPhone photos, but it gives you an idea of the hike. It was way more beautiful in person!

Lovin’ our fall adventure!

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