They said

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All you need is love

You’re ugly.
You’re weird.
We don’t like you.
They said.

Why did you do that?
You’re supposed to do it this way.
They said.

Leave that alone.
No, you can’t try that.
They said.

Be a good girl.
Do what you are told.
Stop asking questions.
They said.

Quit daydreaming.
Get this done.
They said.

Make lots of money.
Have a career.
Be successful.
They said.

You’re a sinner.
You are destined for hell.
You will suffer for eternity.
They said.

They can say whatever they want.
I’m not listening anymore.

Neither should you.

🎼 All you need is love. Love is all you need.

photo credit: Love is all you need…. via photopin (license)

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