Merry Christmas 2015

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Each year it gets harder for me to write a chatty Christmas letter. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. The older I get, the more I appreciate each and every day and realize that life is a precious gift. I am thankful for so much.

This year we watched little Landon grow and discover the world. It is always so important to have a little child in your life so he or she can remind you how exciting the world really is. Landon especially loves lights, and all the animals in his life, and a couple of his favorite words are “oh, wow!” Just yesterday Kelly was saying, “do you think he thinks it’s magic when you flip a switch and the lights go on?” I think he must, because it amazes him every time.

Landon Christmas

The exciting news from the Samoiloff household is Greg and Kelly’s engagement this year. An August wedding is planned, and we are beyond thrilled that Greg is officially joining the family (he was already an unofficial family member). Kelly and Greg have been together since their sophomore year in college. They are a wonderful couple.

kelly & greg

All the kids (Tracey, Roberto, Alex, Kelly, Greg) are doing well in their job/careers and are healthy and well. What more could anyone ask for?

Andy and I are busy with life in Princeton. Andy with his sports, me with my gardening (and I hiked every trail on Mount Wachusett this fall). I couldn’t do my piece without Andy, though. He’s built chicken coops and an additional duck house and cuts down trees to let more sun into our young orchard. The ducks are to help with the slugs, which we have in abundance. This permaculture adventure is one learning moment after another, and every success and every failure contributes to the learning.

After all, that’s what every moment in life is about!

I wish you a Christmas full of wonder and love and a joyous new year full of amazing surprises and abundant health.

And let there be peace on earth.


4 Responses to “Merry Christmas 2015”

  1. Cindy Shea

    What a beautiful Christmas letter, Chris. I remember fondly our visits and bible study adventures together (do you remember skipping at Christmas Tree Shop). I miss you, my friend. Perhaps we will get to catch up when we are both retired. but in the meantime, i’m happy for your Christmas letters and cookie swaps. 🙂
    Did you find the Christmas picture I hid under your tree?

  2. Debbie Fecher

    Chris, Love hearing about sweet Landon. Congrats to Kelly and Gregg on their engagement. I loved the picture. Kelly is a beautiful young lady. I know you will have a wonderful exciting year.

    We are on a Sabbatical and am having such a great time. Rich has skied 25 out of 27 days and couldn’t be happier. Sending love and hugs to you and Andy. xo, D-

  3. Laurie Kraemer

    Thank you Chris – it’s always nice to receive updates on friends that we don’t see as much. I couldn’t agree more – having a child in your life just helps remind you of God’s creation and for us to be curious and to get excited about the little things in life. How exciting to have another wedding!
    Have a great 2016!

  4. DotAO

    Chris, your love and kindness are always present in all that you say and do. We are lucky to have you be apart of our life..and world. Family pictures are great!! May you have a healthy and peaceful new year.