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I watched a documentary called Home tonight.  Gosh, I got kind-of depressed and almost stopped it but at the end it mentioned positive things. Thank goodness!

There was good information in the tough parts, however….Our population is exploding and we are depleting our resources. It would well serve us to learn the lessons from Easter Island. The sun is free. As long as the earth exists, the sun will shine on it. And yet, we are raping our land using up fossil fuels. Monoculture is a problem. Our voracious meat-eating appetites are a problem. We NEED to live in a more sustainable way to survive.

Really. Truly. I know I talk about this a lot, but that’s because it’s really, really important. Critically important. Life-changing important.

Let me just tell you that I am one of the people who thought climate change was a hoax. I’m almost ashamed to say that, but I was. Until I started really connecting to nature and studying permaculture and herbalism. The thing is, whether you believe in climate change or not, living in a more sustainable way will benefit the planet.

Earth care. People care. Fair Share. A more moderate, sustainable society. We’d likely need to give up some of our conveniences. Is the betterment of our world worth that? I think so.

I’m really hoping that the people who want to move in this direction become the majority. My vote for our government officials from this point forward is going to involve me examining their stand on these issues. Not just their words – their ACTIONS.

And I pledge to continue to learn to live my own life in a more moderate, sustainable way. For all of us. Here’s to waking up.


photo credit: GEBCO_08 with Shaded Blue Marble Landmass via photopin (license)

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