Let’s all do this together!

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I listened to a Hay House Summit talk today about health and food. The speaker had cancer. She went the conventional route and the cancer only got more aggressive. Then she went to Mexico to do Gerson therapy (what I would pick). She spoke of drastically changing her diet, of being religious about eating organic, about planning ahead for trips by researching organic restaurants, taking her own snacks for the plane.

Why does it have to be this hard? If we want to live this way we really have to pull away from society. I know when I go out to restaurants I am not getting organic food. I know when I go to a friend’s house I am most likely not getting organic food. Unless it’s a pot luck and I eat what I brought. Same at most family members’ homes.

The speaker spoke of two things that resonated with me. One, about loving yourself. Two, about not eating this way out of fear, because then it’s all about negative energy. It’s about eating this way out of love. Because if you love yourself you want to treat yourself right. You want to give your body the fuel it needs to run, not gunk it up with toxic chemicals.

You wouldn’t put oil in your car’s engine, would you? Then why put poisons in this miraculous body you’ve been given?

She also said one more powerful thing. What I say all the time. Why wait for the diagnosis to eat healthy? Why not start now and prevent the diagnosis?

If we all did this together we would fix our food system. And I wouldn’t have to compromise my body to be social. I serve organic food to anybody who comes to my home because I want to give their beautiful selves real food. This isn’t just about me. This is about you, too. Now, step up and help me heal this beautiful planet and the beings who dwell on it.

Love you. Namaste.


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