This Easter

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Jesus, on this Easter Day, when everyone focuses on your resurrection – so much better than focusing on and celebrating your death, at least – I want to think about how I move forward in my relationship with you.

I really want to understand your teachings. Because I think you came here to teach us, and we’ve turned it all into a religion where you are the only way to God and all others who love God are condemned to an eternity in hell. Even the Jews, of which you were one.

Why doesn’t that seem to make no sense to more Christians?

Why, when you spoke in parables, were some of your words taken literally?

Why have we not realized the profoundness of your teachings, even when you led us by example – like by practicing non-violence even to the point of not trying to defend yourself when condemned to death. And asking for forgiveness for those who killed you because you realized their ignorance.

You realize ours, too.

Please help me read your words with fresh eyes. I find myself stuck in a place of rejection and repulsion by much of what is written in this book that used to bring me such comfort. Help me through that, please, so I can walk with you and God in confidence, not defensiveness. So I can be an instrument of your peace and love. Even if I don’t fit the mold.

Please help this world, Jesus. Help heal man’s inhumanity to man. Nothing has changed since you left. We still condemn each other to the point of death. And most of it is because of religious differences.

I breaks my heart. I’m pretty sure it must break yours, too.



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