A Tale of Two Sippy Cups

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First there were the puppy diaries. And occasionally I still write a puppy post here and there. Now, though, we begin the nana diaries. Landon, my first grandchild is now 6 months old. It’s crossed my mind that I should have begun this sooner. But here we are, now, with the first post, as I realized this morning’s adventures in babysitting warranted one. Let the fun begin!

sippy cups

Alex got these sippy cups for Landon for Christmas. Tracey was all excited, she says Landon is ready for them and that I could use them today, as I am babysitting while all the “kids” and Andy ski.

Well, Landon may be ready for sippy cups, but Nana apparently is not. Or maybe Tracey is ready for them but Landon and Nana are not. Here’s how this morning’s attempt to use them went down….

Landon happily ate this morning’s pears. Tracey asked me to get some prune juice in him because he gets constipated. So I mixed prune juice and water and put it in a sippy cup. Landon took a few eager sucks on it, then got upset. Hmmmm. Did he not like the prune juice? Was it coming out too fast? Was it coming out at all?

I examined the sippy. It looked like there might be some signs of liquid in the 3 little holes of the sippy part. So I stuck it back in his mouth. He wouldn’t even suck on it. Hmmmm.

I didn’t want to contaminate the sippy he was using by trying it so I filled the other one up with a little water and sucked on it.

Nothing. Hmmmm.

So I sucked harder. At that point, the water shot into the back of my mouth and down my windpipe. Holy criminy!

So, while choking, I transferred the prune juice / water from his sippy cup to his bottle. And gave it to him while coughing for the first 5 minutes or so. Sorry Landon.

I’ve decided I’m going to let his parents have the joy of teaching him how to use a modern day sippy cup. The ones I had for my kids were tupperware ones that had a slit in the sippy cover, not little holes. They liquid came out without having to suck much at all. These modern day ones are dangerous! Or maybe they just are not meant for adults. Hmmmmm.

After that little adventure, Nana and Landon visited for awhile. He’s really talkative in the morning and I’m kicking myself that I left my phone upstairs and didn’t get a video. We had fun with the Elmo I gave him as I animated it and made it talk. Which made Landon laugh. There is nothing like a laughing baby.

There is nothing like a sleepy baby, either, when he’s tired. For whatever reason, after sleeping through a long night. Landon likes to nap in the morning (not the afternoon). As he started to get fussy, I changed him, gave him a bottle, and tried him up in his bed. No go. Then I thought I might walk him for awhile. I used to be able to conk him right out that way. But he’s bigger now, heavier now, and more engaged in what’s going on. So we went to plan B (or really, I guess plan C). I settled him into his rocking carrier/car seat (those used to be separate pieces of equipment when my kids were little) and rocked him to sleep. It worked like a charm.



Which gave me time to get bathed and dressed, and write the first post of the nana diaries. Now we (Gammy Pinky is here with me) wait for him to wake back up to create some new adventures. This nana thing is so much fun!

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