A world at peace?

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First of all, I feel like I want to apologize for my last post. I could take it down, but it’s how I felt at the moment, so I’m not going to. But I’m really trying to not focus on the negative these days. It’s such a waste of time!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way….

I remember as a little girl hearing about the concept of world peace, and really expecting it was going to happen someday. Only it hasn’t. And yesterday, as I was listening to Christmas music two songs in a row came on about peace on earth. And by the second song I was sobbing.

What? Where did that come from?

I guess it really hits me hard that this world can’t get to a place of peace and love for one another.

I don’t really watch the news anymore. It’s about that focusing on the positive stuff. But I see posts on social media. I don’t read the articles they link too, so I really don’t know the details. Only the generalities. I know that the United States is in an uproar right now about a murder. A huge uproar. I’m pretty sure there is an uproar about race going along with it.


I had really hoped when we elected a black man to the presidency we proved that racism is no longer alive in America.

But, you see, the things we focus on are what we get. So if you focus on racism, you are going to get racism. If you focus on murder, you are going to get more of it.

And what I really feel is that the issue is not about specific murders. It’s about our society missing the fact that life is sacred. Life is a miracle. And all of life is connected. It is this magnificent force, this incredible “being.” Life is.

I just watched my father die last month. Here one minute, gone the next. The body shut down. The spark of life departed. Gone. Just gone. How anybody could intentionally take a life is beyond my comprehension. I felt that way before my dad died, but watching him leave this world just magnifies those thoughts. And now, all those who loved him and are left behind are affected. One life is not lived alone. One life is connected to other lives. It really is sacred. We are all connected, which makes us all part of a larger whole.

Until we realize we are all one, and that what one person does to another person they are also ultimately doing to themselves, there will be no world peace. But, to end on a positive note, you can bring peace to your own world. And the more of us that do that, the closer we will get to peace in the larger world.

Peace and love,


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