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fall leaves

This morning, after walking on my treadmill, there was a break in the rain.

I stepped outside, barefoot, and stood looking into my woods.

Just breathing. Connected to the earth and sky. Being thankful. Taking in the autumn beauty. At peace.

As I looked up to the top of the tree in front of me, a leaf released itself and danced it’s way down to the ground.

It was a dance. A flying dance of freedom back to the earth that gave birth to that tree and nourishes it through the seasons. Through times of leaves falling and times of leaves re-emerging.

And that single leaf floated back to the ground to become nutrient soil again. For next year’s leaves.

I looked back into my woods and saw oh so many leaves dancing their way to the ground.

I’m sure there are many metaphors in this. But I’m not going to try and find them. Instead…

Go. Stand under a tree. And let them find you.


photo credit: Nick Kenrick. via photopin cc

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