Illogical English

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Just a little bit of silliness….

I want to start a petition. A petition to Webster’s Dictionary or the dictionary gods that be, to reverse the definitions of lose and loose. I’d go after the founders of the English language, but they’re long gone. And who were they, anyway, and what were they smoking?

Does anybody besides me mix up these two words when writing them? (I know you do, and you should sign my petition.)

Think about it. Just say the word loose, as in “the dog got loose from it’s chain.”

Now say to word lose. As in, “I hate it when I lose my keys.”

Now say them one after another. Which one is drawn out, like the mooooooo of a cow?

Lose is, that’s which one. And it only has one “o.” While loose has two. Does that make any sense? Shouldn’t the word that draws out the “o” sound have more “o”s in the spelling?

Yes! It should! It would be more logical, and would result in less spelling mistakes.

I know you agree with me. As soon as I write up my petition, I’ll be asking you to sign it. Or, you could let me know you agree in the comments, below.

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