I choose not to remember

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This post may not be popular, not at all. But I want you to think about what I am about to say….

Every time September 11th rolls around I cringe. Seriously, I want to curl up and hibernate until it is over. And for the few days leading up and following it.


Because I don’t want to remember that day. It was a horrible day. I really don’t need to say anymore. We all know.

Lives were lost. Heroes were made. It was a day that probably changed most of us forever. But why do we want to relive those feelings every year? It doesn’t change the events. It just brings us sadness.

Why do we choose to remember bad stuff? I feel the same about people’s death anniversaries. Why remember a day that was so very sad? Why not remember all the days they were with us rather than the day they were taken away?

When we focus on things we give them power. Let’s not bring up the pain of the past. Let’s leave it there, where it belongs. A moment we have lived. A turning point in our lives. A thing that hopefully made us love more, live more.

Let’s focus instead on bringing that love into the present day and our future, so we can heal the world from 911s.

Love and peace,


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