What if?

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life everlasting

What if…

What if death is actually the beginning
of an incredible life?

What if those who have gone ahead of us would,
if they could,
let us know that it’s all more than okay?

What if they could tell us that they are happy and at peace
and that everything they thought mattered when they were here on earth
just melts away to nothingness?

What if we knew that,
given the choice,
they would choose not to return to their former life?

What if we are already there with them,
only we don’t know it yet?

What then?


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Death is a part of life, and yet it is so very hard. It seems like so many people I know have lost precious loved ones lately. I wrote this poem thinking of them, and I wrote it for me. Because death seems so final to those of us still on earth, and is so full of sorrow. And yet we are told by our spiritual teachings – and by people who have had near-death experiences – that death is not final. It is a transition to another life. Imagine becoming a butterfly after being a caterpillar. Would we want to return to our caterpillar form once we became this beautiful being capable of flight?

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