Bergamot Honey

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bergamot honey

What is this, you ask?

Oh, you didn’t ask?

Okay, never mind then.

Just kidding, just kidding….

So, this is chopped up Bergamot flowers and leaves added to raw honey.

Say what?

Bergamot. As in, Bee Balm. Such a great flower.

Had another wild crafting class today and Emily told us about this.

Bee balm, like many plants, is good for a lot of things. Two of the things I wrote down were mental clarity and digestion. Good medicine for me.

So, the important thing, how does it taste?

I actually like it. It’s got a spicy bite to it mixed in with the sweetness of the honey. A minty-type bite.

Andy didn’t like it, but that’s not much of a surprise.

Today, I also learned what sheep sorrel and lambs quarters are. Two weeds I pull up from my garden. No more. Lambs quarters can be used like spinach and tastes mild and of course, because it is wild, is WAY more nutritious than spinach.

Now, if only Quickweed was edible….


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