Wisdom calling

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I am on a spiritual journey.

Always have been, really.

As I’ve remained in my religion of origin trying to function within it but always feeling connected to people of all faiths and always feeling like there was something “out there” just beyond my grasp that I wasn’t understanding, I finally said to God that I was leaving the teachings of man behind and letting Him show me who He is.

And, like the Bible is full of paradoxes, I’ve run up against this paradox. God is everywhere. He’s in no religion and in every religion. He just is. He’s love and light and positive energy and all that is good and right and wonderful. We are taught in every religion to plug into him but then we are taught that our religion is the only way.

I don’t believe that anymore.

We are also taught to fear God. But I think the word fear has been misunderstood and the more accurate translation is reverence and awe. The word fear holds us back. The word awe moves us forward.

I believe every religion is here to lead us to God. Religions are our methods of communicating with God, and just as we have multiple languages to communicate among ourselves, there are multiple languages to communicate with God. There are even languages to communicate with God outside of religion. Nature, for example.

If you don’t believe that, that’s okay. And it’s okay for me to believe it. We are all fellow sojourners in this world and we all have different thoughts and opinions and beliefs. We can let that divide us, or we can let that enrich us with greater understanding. Not just in religion, but in all things.

I don’t think the same as I did yesterday, and I don’t expect to think the same tomorrow as I do today. It’s a wild ride, if we remain open to learning and growing.

Peace and blessings to you all.



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