No news is good news

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Last night my parents stayed over on the way to their summer cabin. Immediately, my dad settled into a chair and turned on the TV. To cable news.


There’s bad stuff going on in Iran. More of man’s inhumanity to man. And we get involved because…?

Something about oil. Well, if we’d invest in solar and wind and start building local economies and were more ecologically aware of our impact on the planet, we wouldn’t need as much oil. Just sayin.’

Then we could stay out of other peoples’ business. We could be neutral. We could help by giving people a safe place to flee rather than spending all our money fighting wars.

See? This is why I don’t watch the news.

I asked my dad about that. All the negativity. He said, “yeah, I’m depressed.”

“Why don’t you turn the news off?”

“What would I watch, then?”

“I dunno, something uplifting?”

He’d really like TV Land, I know he would. Watching Saturday morning cartoons  with my dad used to be so much fun because he would laugh these big, huge, belly laughs. Especially watching The Road Runner.

That’s what you should be watching, dad!

Me, I say turn the durn TV off, but some people are too far gone for that.

So Andy put on a Netflix movie we had sitting there for awhile, called Little Manhatten. It was a cute movie about a boy’s first love. Very innocent. My dad laughed quite a few times.

We’ve done our part to show another way.

Now I need to just get those images and words from last night’s news out of my consciousness.



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