Wolf Spirit

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Pencil drawing by Glynnis Miller

Pencil drawing by Glynnis Miller

Someone posted a link on Facebook to paintings that were so realistic they looked like photographs. They reminded me of this artist we met when we were in Arizona. She does detailed pencil art of the West. I was initially drawn in by an unbelievable portrait of an old, Native American man, in profile. Wisdom was etched into all the wonderful wrinkles in his face.

I come from a family line of many wrinkles. But these wrinkles were beyond that. And all rendered in pencil. It was a memorable drawing.

But I left with a different print – because I had to bring a piece of this women’s art back home. It was the image of a wolf that is at the top of this post. I went downstairs, where it was hanging, to look at it again. And as I studied it, I was taken aback by the thought that the reason I came away with this particular picture, was drawn to it, is that it is me. My spirit. Tentative. Thinking. Not quite out in the open. Waiting. Observing. At home in the woods. A free spirit.

Okay, those are some words that I can put on paper. The rest of them are percolating deep inside.

I remembered that wolves have a meaning – all creatures do – in Native American culture. So I looked up the meaning of the wolf spirit. And was blown away by what I read as I could relate to so much of it. But I wondered if this could be a coyote, not a wolf. So I also looked up the coyote spirit. I couldn’t really relate to it. I googled wolf vs. coyote. I found a picture of a wolf with these exact markings, and the telltale sign that this is a wolf are the short, rounded ears. Coyote have longer, pointed ears.

Interesting alignment of wolf picture, Native American picture, and then Native American wolf spirit discovery. All things come in their time.

Anyhow, I for sure am on a journey. Have been my whole life. And maybe, slowly, I’m coming out from the trees.



Blessings on your own journeys,


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