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energy (2)

The windmills woooooosh…woooooosh…woooooosh as I walk in the field,
and watch.
There are milkweed here, seed pods open and empty,
their children long-ago sent on their way.
There are grasses and other wild plants
I don’t recognize, browns of all color
waiting to green again.
The sun peeks in and out behind a cloud
and I realize I am in the middle of two
energies, sun and wind.
I bend down to touch the earth with
both hands and I can feel its energy.
I smile as tears trickle.
This is the way it should be.
This is that way it forever was.
Human beings,
part of creation,
feeling it deep inside.
We breath the universe in with each inhale.
The universe breathes us in with each exhale.
I just heard someone say that recently and
it penetrated my soul
and now I will never breathe the same.

Koda, forever energy, wiggles on the snow,
off-leash and happy.
Onto her feet again, she hears a noise.
I see that with my eyes as she stiffens and looks
into the edge of the field.
I follow her gaze.
Is there a creature here out in the wild with us?
Just then, the trees make a sound as the wind travels through them.
It’s the trees Koda, they are talking to us.
I wonder what they are saying?
And at that moment,
I realize they have always been talking to us,
and now it’s time for me to listen.

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