Real Food Shopping

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real food shopping

Lots of time when I walk into the grocery store I look around at all the boxes on the shelves and say to myself….”this isn’t real food!”

But you can find real food at the grocery store, and as I was checking out today it struck me that there was a bunch of nourishing food – real food – right there on the checkout belt. And so I took a picture of it all when I got home.

We got some fruits and veggies for juicing and some veggies for roasting and a spaghetti squash for faux spaghetti. My only one compromise was on the cherries, which I couldn’t find organic and I wanted to try a particular juicing recipe. I hate buying non-organic for anything where I eat the skin.

However, in this picture they are tucked behind a bottle of Tamari (soy sauce) that made my day. Here’s a closer look (I added an arrow to this picture pointing to what made me happy):

GMOsoysauce Soy is a heavily genetically modified crop. So I went for the organic version, which was a few bucks more. As I reached for it, however, I noticed the nonGMO project label on the non-organic brand. Well look at that! So I bought the non-organic but certified non-GMO tamari.

Lastly, I like to buy dry beans instead of canned beans because canned food is in BPA-lined cans.

So, that’s my grocery shopping. I already had some tofu and polenta at home, and a couple of frozen home-made veggie burgers in the freezer, so I’m all set for the week. I have a new self-imposed project of figuring out some hearty, satisfying, easy-to-make vegan meals and snacks, after slipping back into some Standard American Diet eating over the holidays.

I have to figure out some good things to put out during parties beside my standard guacamole and hummus!

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