The Miscreant is alive and well

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I have heard from a few people that they have missed the tales of my miscreant dog, Columbus. Well, I just want you to know that the dude is alive, and well, and carrying on his mission of all things naughty.

Can you say coal in his stocking?

The other day my friend drove up the driveway and I saw Columbus jumping on her car. I hollered at Andy to go pull him off (because all the times I've done it have destroyed my back). He came back in and said Columbus had planted a big wet kiss smack on her lips. Nice Columbus, you stud.

A couple of weeks ago, Columbus broke out of the electric fence and journeyed a mile through the woods to Worcester Road, where he was taken in by a fellow Princetonian Good Samaritan who called the Princeton Police to track down his owner. One of his owners (me) was now 40 minutes away in the car. I had let Columbus out before leaving and he wouldn't come back (he was probably halfway to Worcester Road by then). We never leave him out when we are gone but my friend was waiting for me, so I called Andy who was on his way home from work to tell him what had happened. (He actually had planned a little Christmas shopping on the way home but bagged that to come find his dog.) When I got the call from the police as I was driving, I told him the situation and he said that this person was doing me a favor holding the dog and someone should get there as soon as possible. (Yes, thank you officer, I get that.) I called the house, I called Andy's cell, I called the house again. I called Andy's cell again. He was on the hunt for Columbus and didn't have his phone with him. So I called my wonderful next door neighbor Christine who went and retrieved him for us. Turns out she was friends with his rescuers.

And now we come to this morning. As Andy and I are still in bed, we hear the dogs come upstairs. The dogs are supposed to be gated in the mud room. They have apparently figured out how to open the gate. I suspect the brains behind this operation is Koda, although Columbus is more motivated, so he could just be using his brawn to bust his way through. Round 1 goes to the dogs. But we humans are clever and will not let a couple of dogs get the upper hand.

Who am I kidding?


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