God’s garden

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“If you have a healthy, vigorous plant, insects are not a problem. As plants became weaker because of chemical fertilizers, insects began to be very overpowering and would take out huge amounts of plants. And so, they stepped up to the plate and created insecticides. What they didn’t take into account was that the creator designed everything in nature to be overcoming, and as these insecticides would come in contact with these insects, they would mutate and develop opposition to it and the next generations, those insecticides didn’t effect [them], and so they have to keep improving and strengthening the insecticides. What that has progressed to today is that insecticides are so powerful and potent they’re killing the plants. And so what they’ve done to solve that problem is now the are using genetically modified organisms, where they’re changing the DNA of the plant and putting the insecticide into the plant. I don’t know if you’re following this but this is not going to end. And…it amazes me how people think these days…if something is in a plant that’s going to kill an insect it certainly can’t be beneficial for my body.”

– Paul Gautschi

I watched this awesome movie about sustainable gardening that brought God, the creator, into the mix. I LOVED that. I feel like we, as God’s people, were charged with the care of this world and we’ve gotten things so, so, wrong. This quote above was from the movie, and the movie was about more than God. It was about all the permaculture principles I’ve been learning. But I’ve always connected those back to God, anyway, even if His name isn’t mentioned, because they are about looking at nature to learn how to set up the proper systems for growing food. Food forests. Grown in nutrient-rich soil. The food we were meant to eat. Grown the way God made things to flourish. Life.

Read that above quote again. And if you haven’t really cared much about GMOs and thought the hype is a little over the top, think about the fact that your food is engineered to kill rather than to bring forth life.

Not the way God intended things to be. Not at all.

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  1. Denyse

    Oooooo that’s GOOD!!! “Your food is engineered to end life rather than give life” aweeesome!