Healing juice

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healing juice

See this juice? It has a secret ingredient. Can you guess what it is?

First I’ll tell you what it isn’t.

It isn’t blueberries. They are in there, but they aren’t the secret ingredient. Nor are peaches and coconut milk, which are also in there.

The secret ingredient is aloe vera gel. From a big ol’ aloe vera leaf as big as my forearm.

As I was skinning in Andy said it looked like a fish. The gel was all floppy but held together. Very strange.

And, the article I read said that aloe vera has antibacterial properties. So it did double duty of killing (I hope) any bacteria on my cutting board.

And now, the plan is for it to help heal my burned esophagus. Because although I don’t have huge pain anymore, it still doesn’t feel great.

Secret ingredient. Healing juice. Bottoms up!

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