Ignoring that inner voice

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So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I now have to figure out what to do about this GERD diagnosis I just got. And in a way, I sort-of asked for it, although certainly not specifically.

But…I have been ignoring my inner voice (IV). Here’s pretty much how the conversations have been going:

IV: “You shouldn’t be staying up so late tonight.”

ME: “I know, but I just want to get this one last thing done.”

IV: “You shouldn’t be staying up so late again. “

ME: “I know, I don’t know why I’m doing this. I need to get into a better habit. I’ll start tomorrow.”

IV: “It’s okay to rest sometimes, you know.”

ME: “But I just need to ______________.” (fill in the blank, and usually it involves gardening/harvesting/food preparation.)

IV: “A body needs rest, you know how important that is. You’re going to get sick.”

ME: “I know, I know….”

Well, good ol’ IV was right.

It was also niggling at me the last few weeks that I’ve been overgrazing. I tend to be a grazer – eating smaller amounts of food more frequently rather than big meals. But I’d been noticing how frequently I put food into my mouth. All healthy stuff. And I wasn’t gaining weight. So I was still eating the right amount of food. But…perhaps I was overworking my digestive system.

Perhaps. I don’t know if digestion can be overdone in that way, but I know that 1. I got sick and 2. It’s related to my digestive system and 3. I ignored my inner voice bringing it to my awareness.

So….the point of this post is to share what can happen when you ignore that inner voice.

Learn from my mistake. And excuse me, while I skedaddle to bed.

IV: “Good girl!


The source of the quote at the top of this post is unknown.

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