What do you chose?

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There is something I will never understand as long as I live.

Why do some people choose hate?

Why war?

What is this dark side of man that we can’t find peace?

Love is so powerful, pure, redemptive.

Hate is so cold, cruel, repulsive.

Love is light.

Hate is dark.

Light is supposed to overcome the darkness.

Why hasn’t it by now?

Where are all the people of light?

They are out there,

I know them!

But there just must not be enough of them.

What about you?

Are you choosing criticism, resentment, anger, fear?

Or are you choosing forgiveness, grace, kindness, hope?

Each of us, with every action.

Every thought.

Is either contributing to the darkness of this world,

Or to the light.

What do you choose?


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