Wrestling with animals

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I just realized, as I wind down my day, that there was a theme to it. Today I wrestled with two of my animals.


First of all, Gracie jumped on the back of my work chair this morning and started using it as a scratching post. I told her no and she persisted, so I decided to show her what’s what and clip her nails.

Unfortunately, this is what she looks like when you clip her nails (this picture is not from today). Sometimes I can make it through quickly enough. Today wasn’t one of those days. She was getting a little too deranged for my comfort. So, still holding her tight, I went into the other room, found Alex’s sweatshirt, and wrapped her in it. Same noises, same thrashing, only muffled and controlled. I grabbed one paw at a time and finished the job.

Wrestling match number one goes to Chris.

The second wrestling match was with….

wait for it….

Columbus. I’m sure you may have already suspected that if you have been a follower of the puppy diaries. I would have suspected it if I were you.

A friend came over to pick something up at the house. Only I missed the text from Andy and didn’t realize he was coming. So Columbus was outside, loose, and of course jumped right up on his car. Some of my friends are smart and open their doors real fast so he doesn’t scratch their car. Only then, he starts jumping on them. I ran out and grabbed him and told him no, but he wasn’t listening.

So I decided to make him be submissive. And laid down on top of him.

He tried to fight me off. We went three rounds. And then I let him up before I really got him to be submissive, because Dave really didn’t come to my house to watch a wresting match, he came to pick up a basketball shirt.

Wrestling match number two goes to Columbus.

I guess you can’t win them all.

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