Taking the garden to the next level…

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A subtitle of this post could be, “my husband is the best.” I did tell him that in person, and also said it must be challenging being married to me.

Projects. I’ve got them.

This is one I would never have been able to do on my own. I marveled watching skills I don’t have.

Like lugging cement blocks from the back of the truck to the porch. I did it, but I pooped out with 6 left, because my body was in pain. Even though I was using my legs and not my back to bend.

First off, let me say that I really wanted to put the cold frame flush with the back of the garage. But, however much I willed it, that was not a sunny enough spot. I looked and I measured and considered and re-measured and re-considered and this is the spot I came up with. Because if you have a cold frame, part of the beauty of it is that you can grow greens in the winter. So it needs to be near-ish the house. Because I’m going to have to shovel a path to it.

Unfortunately, this required removal of part of our deck stairs.


And that’s an Andy job. I did dig out the grass and dirt, though!

Look at how engrossed Koda is with this project….


Hah, tricked you! She was – and is only, ever – interested in her ball. Waiting, just waiting, for someone to throw it. Dropping it right in the middle of things. I almost tripped on it when I was carrying the cement blocks. She got it – and herself – out of the way fast when that happened.


Checking for level. I had never really watched Andy do this before. There is a lot of work to getting things level and square. And you can tell he’s done this many times because he knows just how to make adjustments.


Here’s where things stand at the end of day 1. The rest will be cedar and the old sliding glass door our neighbors gave us – thanks again, Christine and Paul! And we are going to get some manure and mix it with our compost and fill partway up the blocks. The back of the cold frame will rise a little bit above the level of the deck. And I’ll move my herb containers (some of them seen in the above picture) along the back of it – and perhaps get Andy to build me a cedar planter instead someday.

But can’t push it with the projects. So the planters will be fine for awhile.


2 Responses to “Taking the garden to the next level…”

  1. Julie

    I just gained so much more respect and appreciation for Andy. I can’t believe he sawed your steps in half. LOL

  2. chris

    You should have seen his face when I told him where I wanted the cold frame. He thought I was kidding, at first. He’s a good sport, because this was a LOT of work for him. Today the top is built but he needs to figure out a way to prop the heavy slider open (I told him he needs to come up with something good so I don’t get killed by the door falling on me when I’m leaning in to tend the plants!)