What I did on Saturday…

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We have these wild grapevines growing on my property. Along a stone wall and up a tree. Up a couple of trees, actually. We cut one of the trees down, and I pulled out a bunch of vines. They had been sitting on my back porch for a couple of weeks and I finally got to the reason I saved them.


Is there anything more country-looking than a grapevine wreath?

My mother-in-law was here, she took one of the little ones home as a gift. The rest I will give as gifts over time, keeping one for myself. But I have plans for them…and it might just be combined with what I think will be my next learning endeavor….needle felting. Couldn’t you just see nice needle-felted birds nestled into these? Maybe sitting on some needle-felted eggs in a bird’s nest? (now I’m going to have to be on the lookout for some old bird’s nests!)

It’s always something with me. I can’t keep up with myself.

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