The outdoor stairmaster

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outdoor stair masterI’ve mentioned it before.

The outdoor stair master.

I can’t really give you a feel for it, but I tried.

Only you have to scroll to the bottom and then back up to start from the beginning.

That’s Koda at the bottom, giving me this “you’ve got to be kidding” look because I had gotten a text and stopped for a minute to respond.

Then, further on, I think you can tell she’s not really into me stopping for pictures. It was a very interrupted hike this day, just so I could get the outdoor stair master captured.

With iPhone pictures. Bleh. In retrospect, I should have broken out the big camera. However, I would have had to lug it up the outdoor stair master. And when you hike the outdoor stair master, you want to keep things light.

You can’t tell from the photo on the top (with the sun glare) that on the horizon, you can see Boston. You can in the larger version of it, but I had to shrink all of these down to create the collage. Or is it montage. Now I have to get out the dictionary…

Montage (filmmaking): a technique which uses rapid editing, special effects and music to present compressed narrative information.

Okay, that’s close enough. Sorry for the lack of special effects and music. What’s a good climbing song you could imagine in your head?

I have no clue. You’re own your own.

What sort-of amazes me about this hike is all the stone steps that Americorps volunteers have put into place. The trail wasn’t like this when I started hiking it many years ago.

The thing I like best about this trail is that after I hike it – usually an early morning hike – then go home and get ready for work, I feel really energized and in a good mood. It’s important to feel in a good mood when you begin work. Especially if you are facing some tasks you’d rather not face. Not that my job is like that….

Today my friend Dot and I both did the trail, each with a dog. Koda is my dog of choice on this trail, you don’t want a big goofy dog pulling you down the rocks. You want a nice, smart, semi-cooperative dog. But I did bring Columbus, and after hiking up with him and a switcheroo at the top when we ran into a couple of other dogs (Koda goes berserk, and I spared Dot of having to deal with that), Dot wound up taking him down the hill.

I told her I’d take him back.

She insisted she’d keep him.

I told her again.

She insisted again.

I told her I was no longer liable for any injuries she sustained on the hike down.

She agreed.

And Columbus actually was very cautious and considerate.

Huh? Did the walk up tire him out or does he just hate me?

In any case, it’s earned him a shot at me taking him as the dog of choice next time I do this hike alone. I’m not stupid enough to try the trail with two of them.

There you have it. The outdoor stair master. Let me know if you’d like to hike it with me some time.

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