Blue glorious berries

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Berry season is my favorite growing season. I wish every season was berry season but, then again, that wouldn’t make it as special as it is. The pick-your-own farm up the street opened this week and I got up there today. I picked enough berries (5 3/4 pounds to be precise) to fill this container, another one like it, and to pop 3 trays in the freezer.

I love blueberries – they are my favorite fruit – and I love blueberry picking. It is such a relaxing, meditative experience. I reflect on a lot as I pick, as my thoughts slowly meander through my mind. I always get a renewed appreciation of being alive when I’m out picking blueberries, thankful to be able to pick these beautiful berries, thankful for a God who created such deliciousness, thankful for the bounty the bushes provide, thankful for this farm in town, thankful to be able to slow down for an hour or so.

As I got to the farm – such a peaceful place – I was greeted by a rabbit. He stood still for quite awhile. I moved on to get the bucket and he was gone when I got back. As I was picking, I listened to all the different bird conversations. I wondered if any of them were telling me to get away from their blueberries. They need not worry. Those high bushes have really high branches that humans won’t get – or at least not this human – so there will be plenty of berries left behind. Enough for all of God’s creatures to share.

Part way through my picking I heard a huge – I mean huge – buzzing sound travel behind my back. Left to right. I turned to the right, not knowing what I was going to see (I was thinking big, big, big bug). To my delight, it was a humming bird, who stopped just long enough to say hello then darted off again.

See what I mean about being thankful for this blueberry picking experience?

Andy and I head out to harvest more tomorrow. We like to pick lots and lots of blueberries to freeze enough to last until next berry season. And last year we hit it just about perfect because 2 weeks ago our frozen berries ran out.

I love these berries because they are real food as God made them. Local. Grown with no pesticides. Just natural, wonderful, blue glorious berries!

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