Real food, it’s what’s for dinner

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I have become a food snob. Yes, I admit it. But the thing is, not so very long ago in the history of the world, I wouldn’t be a snob at all. I’d just be a regular partaker of the same kind of food as everybody else. Healthy, organic, real, made in my own kitchen. Grown locally, and in season.

Like tonight’s dinner….

real food for dinner

Spinach salad, with spinach and strawberries from my garden, and local goat cheese from the town next door, bought at a farmer’s market.

And Vietnamese pho, mine a vegetable broth, Andy’s a homemade pho beef broth made from scratch. The soup bowls are filled with rice noodles and the  bean sprouts in the bowl and the ingredients on the plate are to be added (the basil is from my garden).

Water for Andy and unsweetened, homemade green ice tea for me.

No preservatives. No made-in-a-lab ingredients. Just food as God made it. Eaten on the screen porch looking out over the gardens.

It was delicious.

The peony is from my garden.

PS I’ve been wanting to find a vegetarian pho recipe. I made this for a dinner party of meat eaters so I made the authentic beef one and started with a Trader Joe’s veggie broth base for mine. That was a mistake – it was too hearty of a broth, I think a water base would have been better, or in the future I will make my own veggie broth first. Once I perfect the recipe, I will post it.

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