A new look – welcome summer

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Sometimes circumstances get you up off your butt and doing what you’ve been putting off.

When I first put up my blog, I chose a responsive wordpress theme – which means it “responds” to the size of your browser, phone, tablet; adjusting so that you don’t have to pinch and zoom to read a post.

Being a web developer, I went in and tweaked a few things originally, but not many. Always figured I’d get back to it.

I didn’t.

It was minimalist, it worked. Until yesterday, that is. I went in to update one little thing. I had used the abbreviation for a smiley in one of my posts and it automatically changed to the yellow smiley emoticon. Cool, but it also wrecked the layout of the text. So I fixed that teensy little thing, uploaded the new file and got this message…

“The file on the server has more recent changes, are you sure you want to put this file?”

Yes, I was sure. I hadn’t changed anything, it was probably just the server in some kind of funky time warp. So I uploaded my fix.

And broke the layout of my site. Which made me stay up too late last night fixing it. And by fixing it, I mean doing some of what I had intended in the first place, which was creating a seasonal header for the site.

So it’s there now, to celebrate the first day of summer. I used some new CSS tricks, you may or may not see them depending on the browser you are using, but it was fun to play with stuff I don’t really get to play with at work, like web fonts and transitions and multiple image backgrounds. Okay, we’re starting to play with this stuff at work, but not whimsically.

Oh, Chris, you are such a geek, I don’t know what you are talking about. Okay, so for my site, that means the text styling on my byline (me, Chris, just crossing…) and navigation items (home, about me), the way whatever page you are on tilts the text (home, about me) and the way the top image of grass and dragonflies adjusts as you adjust the size of your browser because it’s not really one image, it’s four.

So I had some fun, and I will suffer for staying up until 1am today. But cross that task I always meant to do but didn’t off my list. Booyah!

I need to take it to the next level and rework the header for the phone so it doesn’t take up so much space. But hey, I’ll add it to my list. You can expect an update in the next year or so….

One Response to “A new look – welcome summer”

  1. Maria

    Like the new look, especially the clean white under the text. I looked at a blog yesterday that had a picture running behind all the text, and I gave up after about 10 seconds. Too much for my old eyes!