What are you doing about it?

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A recent weekend when my mother-in-law was here, I was telling her about the March for Monsanto rally I attended, and my concern with genetically modified food.

She asked me, “what are you doing about it?” She told me that Laurel (her daughter) used to ask her that question when she complained about things. “Well, Mom, what are YOU doing about it?”

The question kind of took me by surprise, because I do feel a tad helpless fighting a huge agribusiness. And I had no answer for her. But the question haunted me until I realized I AM doing things….

  1. I marched in protest.
  2. I wrote to a news station when they had a program on freedom of the press (emphasizing the importance of it not being influenced by the government) and asked them why they didn’t cover a global grassroots march that was world news. The Tea Party protests were covered. The occupy Wall Street protests were covered. Why not this one, which went even beyond our own country? Into 52 countries and 436 cities, as a matter-of-fact. And yet no coverage by the mainstream media, beyond one story that aired at 4pm by CNN (it was a good one, I wish they had played it during prime time). Every time I speak of the march I ask people if they’ve heard of it, and the answer is no. What a shame. I participated in the march hoping it would raise awareness.
  3. I boycott GMO food and the companies that oppose GMO labeling (you may still see products in my house from these companies because my husband doesn’t share my concerns).
  4. I raise my own food and on top of working I tend my garden and cook real food from scratch – even though I’m not really that fond of cooking. 🙂 But I’m fond of healthy eating.
  5. I try and raise awareness of this issue in the circle of people I know.
  6. Just today I signed up for a certificate in Permaculture program taking place this fall in Western Massachusetts, over a series of weekends.
  7. And tonight I sent off an email to The World Bank letting them know of this article and asking them if they were paying attention to organic farming practices. Dr. Kim, the president of The World Bank was the keynote speaker at Kelly’s graduation and he told of their mission to end severe global poverty by the year 2030.

So, I guess I am doing stuff. It doesn’t feel real big, and I don’t know if it will ever make any bit of a difference, but the best part is I am living true to my values and doing the best I can to fight the good fight, and that makes me feel okay.

Do you have something you care deeply about? Let me ask you the same question. What are YOU doing about it? Makes you think, doesn’t it? Or it will, just give it time to niggle around in your brain for a bit. 🙂

2 Responses to “What are you doing about it?”

  1. bobbye samdahl

    Chris…this is awesome…I am going to share this. Keep up the fight.
    The other day I was thinking about EO Wilson and his book on Biodiversity and how he was “way before the times”. It’s taken a lot of years, 40 or so, but there are indications that the rest of us are finally catching up.

  2. chris

    Thanks, Bobbye. I feel like I was asleep for a few years on this issue, too, lulled into a false sense of security that the FDA protected us from harmful foods and that we had left bad toxins like DDT behind. It’s been eye opening to me the more I look into this issue and I will spend the rest of my life learning how to take better care of this beautiful planet!