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I have this thing that happens to me sometimes. It is just a knowing. It’s not the same as thinking I’m right about stuff. It’s deeper than that. There are plenty of things I am not confident about. But there are some things that I feel at a deep level as truth.

Like when I was a child growing up and my parents bought the hype about margarine being healthier for you – they still do. I just had this knowing. How could something that isn’t real be better than the real thing? And turns out it isn’t….

At last, the the truth: Butter is GOOD for you – and margarine is chemical junk

Same thing with artificial sweetener. If you ever give me something with artificial sweetener in it I can taste it right off. Ick. How can this be better than the real thing? It’s wrong, I just know it. And it’s in EVERYTHING. I won’t touch the stuff and had to stop chewing gum because it’s now in every brand. And guess what? We are now discovering how really bad it is for you….

America’s Dangerous Artificial Sweetener Addiction, Pt 1 (Dr. Oz – video)

Six years ago – maybe it’s even seven – my sister-in-law lost a decade battle with breast cancer. She was 49. First diagnosed at 39. How come so early? And a couple of years ago my friend got diagnosed and lost her battle with cancer. Also age 49. And I was hearing of tons of people in my church and my community fighting cancer. And all of us middle aged or younger, it seemed. Something is wrong. Really wrong.

When my friend got sick, I asked her if she’d consider a nutritional component to her healing. She said she’d try everything. So I went on a tear doing research on healthy diets.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there, which I’m sure everybody reading this knows. Milk is bad for you, milk is good for you. Eat soy. Don’t eat soy. Eat meat. Don’t eat meat.

But when I sat back and thought about it, really touched that place of deep knowing, this is what I realized. Food that is as closest to it’s natural state as possible has to be the best food for us. Because long ago we couldn’t always manipulate it into other forms.

Whenever I found out – maybe a year ago know – that our food system was full of genetically modified corn and soy (among others) and that corn and soy was in everything, and that tons of pesticides are used on our food crops, I just knew.

This is bad. This is really, really bad. And little by little, we are figuring that out. Rises in allergies, autism, cancer, and more. My own thyroid is toast and I have to take a pill. Hypothyroidism is now very, very common. I know there are going to be more and more studies emerging proving the connections between our food and our health. And so, because of this knowing, even if other people don’t have it, I am staying away from this non-real food, and continuing to learn how to grow food organically and how to encourage/recreate natural systems that work for pest control and a healthy ecosystem.

There was an ad back when I was young that had the byline “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” (Ironically, that ad was for margarine.) I agree. We need to live within nature’s system for our own health and well being, instead of trying to control it.

2 Responses to “Just a knowing…”

  1. Kimberly Guild

    So I know when I first told you about my breast cancer diagnosis (at age 49), I didn’t want to deal with the diet part of healing myself. I still would conform to the traditional treatment regimen, because the statistics are in favor. And my type of cancer is very treatable. I’m not on a death spiral. But it makes sense to me too, to take in the foods that are as close to their original state as possible. My breast surgeon was at a loss as to why I got this disease-given that I didn’t have the highest risk factors: being sedentary and overweight. He touched on the environment and the highly processed foods. I am doing the best I can with a hunger for meat, to keep it local and humanely processed. The biggest challenge is keeping it tasty for the hubby-I’ll eat anything….don’t need to do a lot to enjoy most foods. I am glad to have the place to garden, Gerry’s support to do it well, the time and the resources to experiment. And now -your blog for further inspiration-and hopefully RECIPES!!! Thank you, Chris 🙂

  2. chris

    Kim, thanks for your reply. I think you are doing everything right!