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This song was sung on American idol tonight. This is the original duet version with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

It seemed so appropriate for a time when in the midst of great pain, we are seeing miracles of love.

It also echos what I learned earlier in my life. Something I want to share as I learned of yet another young person who has taken their own life. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! Hold on to the hope. Things will get better even when it feels like they never will.

I know this personally. I was there in those thoughts of despair and wanting to end the pain when I was a teenager. When the world and the kids in it seemed so monstrously cruel. I wasn’t strong enough to fight back. I didn’t know what to do in the face of such meanness but retreat. Into myself. Into some pretty dark thoughts.

And yet, as the song says….I did believe. I kept saying to God, “things have got to get better. They can only go up from here.” And so I hung on to that hope. I’m pretty sure God planted that hope right there inside me to bring me out of the darknessĀ  into the plans he had for me.

And what a life I’ve lived! I have a great husband, 3 awesome kids, and some pretty wonderful friends. Sometimes I remember what could have been if I had had the courage to end my pain. And I shudder. What I would have missed out on! I have a blessed life! (I’m still sometimes overwhelmed by the pain this world holds, but more often I’m overwhelmed by the beauty it holds.)

How about that? From dark despair to joyous light.

Miracles can happen, when you believe.

Believe that life will get better.

Believe that God is good.

Believe in yourself and how many people really, really love you.

Believe that you were put in this world for a purpose. To be exactly who you are – uniquely, perfectly you.

Now, let the miracles happen….


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