I’m in love

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Valentine’s day seems to be a good day to make this confession.

I just fell in love.

With these knitting needles:

Nova Needles

I just knit most of a scarf on these blunt plastic things:

plastic needles

They were the only needles available in size 15 at the craft store.

They worked, but it was a struggle sometimes to get the end of the needle under the two yarns I was knitting together. Slowed me down and caused a couple of unwanted mistakes.

So last night I decided to go to the local knitting store and get some new ones. I thought I was going to run out of yarn for a project I was doing so I wanted to get another skein of that, as well.

“Do you have any size 15 needles?” I asked the sales person. “All I could find at the craft store were some plastic ones and the point is dull and they aren’t real great to work with.”

She looked and brought out these:
Nova needles closeup

Look at those points!

“I’ll take them!” I exclaimed.

I used them last night and what a difference! They are lightweight, and smooth, and the sharper tips were just what I needed. I think I’ll be getting more of this brand (Knitter’s Pride – Nova) as I fill in the sizes I need for my needle collection.

As I said, I’m in love.

Sorry, Andy.

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